Splashball Basketball Sprinkler and Hoop Accessory-Water Spraying Action! Cool Off The Court with Every Shot-fits on Spalding Slam Jam Rim (Backboard and Rim NOT Included)


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Brand: Splashball Basketball


  • BASKETBALL RIM ACCESSORY – Splashball attaches between the support bars of most fixed rim basketball hoops and some breakaway rims giving an instant upgrade to your home court. Simply attach your garden hose and Splashball will provide a 4 second spray of water every time a basket is made. BACKBOARD AND RIM NOT INCLUDED
  • COOL OFF ON THE BASKETBALL COURT – Splashball sprays 4 seconds of water every time a shot is made, showering players AND the play surface resulting in a cooler driveway court during a game on the hottest days. Finally, a fun basketball training accessory for building free throwing and 3 point skills at home.
  • MAKE A 3 POINT SPLASH – enjoy new games and build new skills. Commercial grade, brass water valve means long lasting fun for you and your family. Splash your opponent with an alley-oop or cool off with a layup – Splashball adds a new dimension to H-O-R-S-E, Conditioning drills or Knock out, making it a fun addition to your driveway or basketball camps!
  • EASY INSTALLATION – Comes with all hardware needed to attach to your home basketball hoop including installation instructions. With two adults it takes about 15-30 minutes to install. You will need a ladder, a M5 allen key and 8mm wrench. Instructions are included with the unit and you can access a video link for instruction example. Installation isn’t that hard.
  • INVENTED BY A BASKETBALL PLAYER who was looking for a way to stay cool while shooting hoops on the driveway court with his kids. He created Splashball to cool off while keeping the water bill low along with enjoying many new basketball water games to give each shot a SPLASH effect.

Part Number: 195893271863

Details: Splashball is a North American designed product

All steel construction, built to take the abuse of constant basketball
Will it fit my basketball rim?
Splashball fits many basketball rims but not all! There are 2 main factors to consider.

The support brackets on the rim need to be mounted to the outer area of the rim’s base plate for Splashball to have room to attach, ideally a 4 inch rim plate is best.
Ensure nothing on the rim will block the mounting such as multiple or extended springs, protective spring coverings which may interfere with assembly – see images to determine if your basketball hoop will work!
If you have questions on your specific rim please reach out to us with a picture of your rim and we can tell you if it will work!

How do I install Splashball?

Attach the activation plate with the included screws and nuts to the activation arm. Take care to tighten well. This step is important as the basketball force will be hitting the activation plate at each successful shot. Careful tightening will ensure no loose hardware.
Use the safety cable ties to slide through the holes on each side of the unit. NOTE! You are just sliding them through not fastening them yet. ALSO! Do this step before mounting, it will make your life easier!
Go outside to your basketball hoop. Attach your garden hose to the Splashball unit at the valve.
With assistance of a second adult attach the unit to your existing basketball rim using the 2 knob handle screw and brackets provided. Place the bracket onto the metal plate of the basketball rim and put the knob handle screw through the bracket and into the Splashball sprinkler and tighten. Repeat on the opposite side. Mount in the center of the rim.
Use cable safety ties and attach them securely to the support bars of the basketball rim. BACKBOARD AND RIM NOT INCLUDED

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Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 12.5 x 4.1 inches

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